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"There is a charming little farm hidden atop a valley in the quaint town of Whispering Pines. It is a gem, and the owners have big plans for this farm. I have been given the opportunity to learn about Reverie Hill Farm in its early stages and have seen firsthand what this place is, and what it will be! My interest began when I was welcomed for a tour of Reverie Hill by my sweet friend and owner, Katherine. Immediately, I knew it was a beautiful setting for photo shoots and it inspired me to begin shooting again. The sunsets create such a beautifully painted sky and backdrop. This setting did not disappoint! It isn't only the sunsets, but the animals in the pastures, the various grasses and textures and sporadic flowering stems scattered about, that make Reverie Hill so dreamy. The plans the owners have for their farm are so inspiring and I cant wait to watch as it blooms and flourishes. Come spring, Reverie Hill will be even more magical! Thank you, Katherine and Brandon, for sharing your little piece of paradise with me and many others. I can't wait for all that you have planned!"

-Kim L.

"I have known Katherine and her family for about 7 years now.  Watching the evolution of Reverie Hill Farm has been a joy.  The flowers that they have grown are beautiful, but more important is the elegant way in which they are presented and delivered.  We are so excited to follow along as they continue to grow their business and provide for the community." 

-Shawn & Becky D. 

"The flowers and the vegetables are always fresh, healthy, and unique. There is no disputing the fact that their produce quality is always top notch. However, this is not what makes them special. It is not the soil, or seeds, that puts Reverie Hill Farm at the top of our favorite local farmers to support. The real difference goes far deeper than the roots of their plants. It is in the heart of everything that goes on behind the scenes at Reverie Hill. Knowing that their growing practices are teaching children valuable life lessons of hard work, patience, and discipline; that every plant was watered with love, passion, and a hope in a vision for a sustainable future - now that is something that we can support. Actions speak tremendously louder than words. This is why we love Reverie Hill Farm."

- Jon & Angela V.

"I purchased bulbs from Reverie Hill to give as Christmas presents to friends and family (already prepped in a beautiful jar, making it the easiest gift ever). Everyone loved their unique present and they are still updating me as their bulbs grow and bloom! They are such a sweet family, and wonderful to work with. I can't wait to see what they do next as their farm grows!"

- Brandy M.

"I have purchased goods from Reverie Hill Farm and have loved them all. Their customer service and attention to detail is amazing. I have also had the pleasure of visiting their farm and it is absolutely breath taking. I cannot agree with the owners more in feeling that is truly is "a piece of Heaven."

- Anna L.

"I have known Katherine for years from working out and having small children similar in age. I have watched her grow and deal with life with determination, wrapped in grace. I was so fortunate and excited when she and Brandon reached out to me to help them find a piece of land for them and her parents. We had been searching for awhile when we finally came across what is now lovingly named Reverie Hill Farm. As a realtor, I always tell me clients, "You will know when we find 'The One', you just get this feeling". We walked the acreage that day, and we ALL could feel it. There was something magical about that particular piece of land. It was so easy to picture their forever home on the hill, animals grazing in the distance, fields of wildflowers blooming in the spring, fresh fruits and vegetables growing in abundance, and the children playing in the stream under a canopy of trees. All of their dreams and ideas were coming into existence, and it was palpable! That day, we found something special, we were not sure what it was exactly, but we all could feel it. I am so thrilled to see the fruition of Katherine and Brandon's vision, and I am excited to continue supporting them on their beautiful endeavor!

Kristina W.

"Reverie Hill's attention to detail and beauty are among the best! I'm someone who loves fresh flowers every week to bring the kitchen alive. Not only do their flowers bring bright happiness to my kitchen, but they keep extremely well! Reverie Hill's cosmos and pampas grass have decorated my home since moving here in August. I'll be a weekly customer forever!

-Jamie M. 

"Pumpkins, daffodils, and pampas, oh my! These are some of the beautiful things I’ve purchased from this gem of a farm. I’ve gifted some, and decorated with the rest. There’s just something extra special when these items come from a local farm. Reverie Hill is a beautiful new addition to our town."

-Blendi R.

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