Build Your Own Bouquet Flower Cart

Reverie Hill offers a beautifully designed flower cart available to rent as a charming addition to your special event. Sending your guests on their way with their very own, uniquely designed bouquet, full of freshly cut, locally grown, in-season blooms, is a creative and desirable gift option for weddings, showers, girls nights, corporate events, fundraisers, birthdays, and more!

Occasionally, we set up our cart around town at pop-up events, markets, store fronts, or right out in our driveway. It is always such a joy to meet those who love and support us, and to share in the delight that our flowers bring. Stayed tuned to our social media accounts to find out where we are, and when!

Our flower cart is also available as a rental for photography purposes. 


Below, you can find all of our rental options. If you have something else in mind, please send us a message, we are always up for collaborations and new ideas!


Cart Rental Rates

Option 1 - 

3 hours, delivery, set up, and breakdown, fully stocked cart with enough flowers for 10 arrangements, mason jars, chalkboard with instructions, no attendant. Extra flowers/jars may be added for $10/arrangement. Additional time is available at a rate of $25/hr


Option 2 -

This option includes the addition of an attendant to help arrange and wrap bouquets, 2 hours, delivery, set up, and break down, our original flower cart fully stocked with enough flowers for 10 arrangements, mason jars or wrap of your choice, and twine. Extra flowers for arrangements may be added for $10/arrangement (mason jar), or $15/arrangement (wrapped). Add an extra hour for $45.

$275 (jars)/$325 (wrapped)


Pop-up Events

Are you a business owner or event planner interested in hosting our flower cart?
This service is customizable and could include:

- Flower cart delivered, set up, and stocked with pre-wrapped bouquets/arrangements for customers to purchase. No attendant present. 

- Flower cart delivered and set up in a build your own bouquet fashion. It will be stocked with freshly cut, in-season blooms from our farm, and include mason jars or wrap of your choice, twine, and attendant to help arrange and wrap bouquets. 2-3 hours. 

Store owners receive 15% of total sales.


Photography Prop

Fully decorated cart for use as photo prop only. Delivery, set up, and breakdown included. 


Pre-wrapped Bouquets

3 hours, delivery, set up, and break down, cart filled with 10 pre-wrapped bouquets for guests to grab and go (additional bouquets available for $15/ea.), your choice of wrap, no attendant.


(additional time available at a rate of $35/hr)


"There is just something so special about the gift of flowers. They remind us of the magic and the beauty found all around us; in nature, in life."

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