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The Dream is Real

When we first purchased the property that would become Reverie Hill, we used a funky little red barn in our business logo. At that point we didn’t know what the farm would become, so a barn seemed like the best option for a generic farm symbol. If nothing else, we knew we’d eventually have a barn, at least!

Over the past two years, it always kind of bothered me that our logo really didn’t match what we were doing. I tried changing the logo, adding flowers to the barn, switching up the fonts, etc. Nothing really seemed right, and I felt like the community had started to recognize that funky little barn in relation to Reverie Hill.

I couldn’t change it.

Our first year in business proved to be more wonderful than I’d ever imagined, we experimented with all the things, and we began to have a better idea of where we were heading.

I knew we’d continue to grow flowers, to sell flowers, to design for events and weddings, to grow and sell pumpkins, to pop up around town with our flower cart. I hoped to add workshops and events and various other things to list as well.

But one thing that had been on my heart since the very beginning, that I just couldn’t figure out, was the experience. I loved growing and selling flowers, I loved seeing the joy they brought others, but how could I share the experience of it all?

That’s what it has always been about for me…. The entire process of preparing the land, planting the seeds, caring for them, watching them grow and bloom…. Being out on that land where time slows down, surrounded by such beauty. That is what I wanted other people to get to experience too.

But Reverie Hill isn’t set up for that. Our homes are on that hill and as much as we want to share it, we want to protect our solitude as well. I knew we couldn’t be an “open to the public” farm without sacrificing the sacredness of our homes.

So I sat with it.

And sat with it.

And sat with it….

And then one day, just a few weeks ago, our farm neighbor and dear friend (who runs a landscaping business for farms), told us that one of his clients recently wrote a little note on her most recent invoice saying she may be interested in selling her property, and to let him know if he knew of anyone who might be interested.

And he told us.

And we were interested.

And as fate would have it, the owner of this property just happened to be a flower farmer, in Connecticut. She owned a home in Pinehurst and had purchased this property years ago with the intention of turning it into a flower farm as well, but ended up farming full time in Connecticut.

I called this dear, sweet woman, and we talked liked we’d known each other for years. Mrs. recently sold her farm in CT, and was moving to Pinehurst to focus on her recent book release, Clean Sweep. She had held on to this beautiful piece of land for 10 years, but knew it was time for a new owner. The excitement we shared for a common dream was immediately evident and we quickly planned to meet at the property just days later.

We met, we dreamed, and we made an offer in which she so graciously accepted. Then we waited, to see if it was actually all real.

And it turns out….

That dream IS real.

Reverie Hill has a place to share the experience of growing, an atmosphere where time slows down, and you can’t help but notice the tiny little details of a flower, or a snail, or the way the clouds move on a windy day; a place to gather, to collaborate, to heal. A place to dream, to learn, a place to celebrate, and a place to grieve.

We will grow flowers, we will share stories, we will build community together through the common ground of growing things, and my hope, and my prayer, is that whoever visits feels as if they are coming home, to a place where they can breath, their kids can run wild, and they can find a minute of solitude in their surroundings.

And just like Reverie Hill, we don't have a solid plan for this place that already has many names (Reverie Bunkerie, Mac Land, Reverie Flats, haha), but we know it will slowly evolve into what it's meant to be.

We found this beautiful piece of earth through a network of connections that could only have been orchestrated from above.

We also found an incredibly loving, giving, sweet soul, whom I know will be a mentor, friend, and a part of our lives forever

And our funky little red barn?

We found that, too

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