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Hi there! Welcome to our farm. I’m Katherine, and together with my husband, children and parents, we are creating a working family homestead built on a foundation of hope and a deep desire to share in simple joy.

Reverie Hill was born from years of relentless prayer and has grown from the dreams of us all.


For as long as I can remember, I've dreamt of little white farmhouses, big porches and acres of land for my children to roam. I dreamed of family Sunday dinners, kids running across open fields or down gravel roads or through the woods to their grandparents’ house. I dreamed of a slow, simple life full of sunsets and laughter and friends, and of course, lots and lots of love.

It was a dream I shared with my mother, one we would ponder occasionally out loud, but it was mostly more of an image in our minds that would come and go and make us smile for a minute until it faded away — a reverie, you could say.

We are a military family. My parents and I all grew up children of service members. My dad commissioned in 1977 and married my mom shortly after, and my husband, Brandon, is also a long-standing member of the armed forces. Moving often was ingrained in our bones. Putting down roots, settling in one place; it was a foreign idea to us. This little dream of ours was just a pleasant thought……a daydream that would leave us just as quickly as it came. 

My dad retired from the Army in 2007. My parents built a home in Columbus, Georgia, where his parents had lived since my grandad retired in 1967. My dad continued to work after retirement for the Department of Defense, and my mom helped care for my grandparents. They loved their home and it was where they needed to be at the time, but I sensed it wasn’t what they had hoped their “forever” would look like. They are both seasoned gardeners and full of horticultural knowledge, and I knew they longed for land.


2017 began a chapter of transition for me and the children. It was a difficult year, full of challenges and heartbreak and pain. It was the chapter that I had always felt coming but wished never would. It came, and with the help of my parents, we survived. We learned to live each day in the moment, finding little bits of joy wherever we could.


As hard as it is to look back on that year, I know now how necessary it was for us, and I am forever grateful for it. What we’ve found on the other side has been so much more beautiful than anything I had ever imagined before. 

Shortly after Brandon and I were married in late 2018, we realized that staying in this area until his retirement from the Army would be a real possibility. With this exciting realization, I quickly made it my mission to find a piece of property big enough for both my parents and for us to build our homes on (unbeknownst to them!). I knew that if we were going to get to stay here forever, they, too, had to be a part of it. I also knew that convincing them to move from their home in Georgia would be no small feat! 

However, when this property became available, they (to my shock and awe) jumped on it.

We purchased the farm in early 2020. It was a dream once thought inconceivable by us all; a literal daydream brought to life. Reverie Hill Farm felt like the perfect name. 


We began spending our days out on that land, imagining what it would become. There was a sense of magic all around us as we would stroll the property, and I quickly knew we had happened upon something truly special; something meant for a purpose greater than ourselves. The feelings of peace and solitude we experienced on that hill began healing our hearts, building bonds, and inspiring unknown passions for life that were once only hoped for.

I spent many years persistently praying to discover something I loved doing enough to devote my life to it; something I could use to bring joy to other people; something that would make the world ever so slightly better. 


We decided our first project at Reverie Hill would be a small garden full of vegetables and flowers, and thankfully, I was lucky enough to be blessed with a man unafraid of hard work and skilled in the use of a tractor! He ever so lovingly helped me bring that garden to life.

And that garden… it was a turning point for me. It shifted something deep in my soul. It was the answer to all those years of relentless prayers. It was the passion I’d endlessly hoped to find. I loved the process of growing those vegetables and flowers. Spending time in that field among the plants, the dirt and even the weeds — it was restoring a broken part of me that desperately needed mending. 

And I knew. I knew this beautiful place could help others the same way it was helping me. I knew the sense of peace I found in those rows of vegetables and flowers had to be shared.

My family witnessed the evolution of this newfound passion of mine; they saw the joy and excitement it brought me and the purpose it was giving to my life. It wasn’t until then that my dad shared with me a once-forgotten vision he’d had in his younger years. He always wanted a farm of his own, with a little cut flower stand that he imagined would be called “Clapp’s Cut Flower Corner.” He already knew of the joy that sharing beautifully tended produce could bring to others and of the healing powers that working the fields can have on anyone lucky enough to experience it. This revelation put all my uncertainties and hesitations about turning our farm into a business to rest. All along, we had the same dreams, and we never even knew.

With my parents’ knowledge of horticulture & my newly found passion for it, my husband’s affinity for hard work, building things, problem solving and endless encouragement, and with our shared dreams of farmhouses and fields, Sunday dinners and laughter and friends; with our desire to make the world ever so slightly better through the things we grow and share, and with all the love and support in the world, we knew we had all we needed.

And so together, we are building a business that we hope will inspire the kind of joy that transcends circumstance; the kind that can make you smile, even on the worst of days. 

There is magic in this land, hope in these fields and joy all around us.


And we want nothing more than to share it with the community all of us now get to call home.




Brandon has led a very successful military career of 27 years, and is currently still serving as an Army physical therapist. 

He makes things happen around here! There would surely be no Reverie Hill without him. Most days, he can be found on the tractor, building something I requested, or fixing something I broke. 

He also enjoys cycling of every type, hunting, camping, and most other outdoor activities. 

He works so hard, loves us all so well, and we just absolutely adore him.



Henry is 11 years old, and he loves the farm. It has been such a joy to see him flourish out here. 

He has a heart of gold and cares for all living things. Henry is a really hard worker, and is always helping with all the farm projects and chores.

He enjoys riding bikes, fishing, baseball, basketball, telling jokes, board games, and playing with friends.

Henry reminds us daily that quality time spent together is infinitely more important than our never-ending to -do lists, and we are so thankful for him!



I grew up a military child, attended college in Mississippi and Georgia, and have taught pre-school off and on since having children.

I'm the dreamer behind this whole operation; always coming up with new ideas that cause more work for everyone! No one complains, though, and I'm pretty lucky to have such wonderful people by my side.

When not doing farm stuff, i'm probably at my favorite crossfit gym (, out for a run, doing something crafty, or spending time with loved ones.



Scarlett is a full of life and full of personality 9 year old! She is always making us smile, and her laughter is absolutely contagious.

She is a dreamer with a tender hearted soul, who is happiest amongst the wildflowers; just like her Momma. She can often be found working in the rose garden with me or riding on the tractor with Daddy B. 


Scarlett loves art, gymnastics, and friends.


She has a gift for making people laugh, and it is such a blessing to get to laugh with her everyday!




Rick, also known as Dad, or Pop, spent the majority of his childhood in Columbus, GA. He attended the United States Military Academy in the 70's, and went on to lead a very successful 30 year career in the Army Corps of Engineers. 

He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things horticulture, and pretty much every other subject under the sun. After we purchased Reverie Hill, he told me he once dreamed of having a cut flower business called "Clapp's Cut Flower Corner". Although I told him we can't name it that, I am so grateful we get to explore this dream together.

Rick loves gardening, trees, reading, finances, and talking... a lot :)

His consistently positive attitude is contagious, and he is truly a joy to be around. We are so lucky to have him here with us!

Robin, also known as Mom, or Nina, grew up a military child as well. She attended Texas State University in the 70's, and went on to excel in the business of Army wife, homemaker, and Momma.

She is also a very talented gardener, and is always willing to do whatever needs to be done to make sure things are running smoothly around here. 

Robin is a very talented artist, loves to read, go on walks, and spend time with family. 

 She saves every bad day, and brings a sense of comfort and joy to everyone she meets. She's the kind of Mom that everyone wants to call Mom, and goodness we are grateful she is ours!



Margaret is my darling Grandmother, my Mother's Mother, and my children's Great Grandmother. She grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, so this life is nothing new to her. She  dreamt of returning back to her farming roots for many years, and we are thrilled we have been able to make that happen for her.

In her younger years, she led an adventurous life as an Army wife. She and my Grandpa traveled all over the world, raising four wonderful, and successful children. 

She has always been one of my biggest supporters along this crazy farming journey, and she will always be such a big part of it for me. The gratitude I have for her love and support of my dreams is endless.


She is the kindest, sweetest soul you will ever meet, and she is such a joy to talk to. Her sense of humor is delightful, and we love having her here on the farm with us!

In Loving Memory...

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 3.50.53 AM.png


Fred (Grandad) grew up on a rural farm in Ohio. His childhood was challenging and he ended up on his own at a very young age. He eventually made his way South and joined the Army before he was legally allowed; fibbing about his age. At 18, he married my grandmother and they began an adventurous 20 year military career that took them all over the world.


Fred was a helicopter pilot and suffered a terrible accident in Turkey which led to medical issues that brought them back home to Columbus, GA, where he would continue work as a pilot in the civilian world. It was during this time that he purchased his small 16 acre piece of paradise and began his life as a farmer. That farm was his sanctuary. He loved it out there. He spent his retirement days waking early, eating breakfast at Waffle House, and making the drive out to the farm to tend to his crops.

My brothers and I spent many summers at the farm with him. I remember it being really hot and kind of miserable, and I certainly didn't quite understand the joy of it all. Looking back, though, I have great memories of our Grandad driving us around on his mule, having a cold drink in the hooch, and listening to the classical music he would play loud enough for all the plants to hear, because he swore it made them grow. 


I didn't get it then, but I get it now. 

And even though he is no longer with us, I feel a greater connection to him than I ever did before. I understand what that farm meant to him, the joy it brought him, and the solitude it provided for him.

I know he would be so proud of what we're doing at Reverie Hill, and I know he is with us every step of the way. 

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