Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to visitors?

Because Reverie Hill is also our private residence, we are not open to visitors on a regular schedule. We absolutely love sharing our farm with others, and we hope you will join us when we do open for u-pick, and other events!

Do you offer subscriptions?

We do not offer flower or vegetables subscriptions at this time, but it is something we are looking into for the future. Anything we currently have available for purchase will be listed in our shop.

Is your produce organic?

We don't hold an official organic certification, but we do strive to use the most sustainable gardening practices possible. We only use organic and natural fertilizers, and pest and disease control options. We are continuously amending our soil with rich compost and organic matter, and rotating our crops to allow our fields to rest and rejuvenate.

Can Reverie Hill be reserved for weddings and events?

We do not have an official event space here at the farm, but our beautiful sister-farm next door does! You can find their venue at

Do you offer floral design services?

We do! Please contact us about this service.

Can your products be shipped?

Our merchandise can usually be shipped, but no other products are available for shipping at this time. 

What can we expect from Reverie Hill Farm in the future?

We are always coming up with new avenues to explore for our business! We hope to continue to grow our flower and vegetable fields, begin offering fresh eggs and local honey, and we have plans for a lavender field. We are also exploring our options for providing pasture raised meats and processing capabilities.

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